Imran will follow Army diktat, says Reham Khan

Imran will follow Army diktat, says Reham Khan

Calling Imran Khan an “ideal puppet” of the military establishment in Pakistan, ex-wife Reham Khan alleged that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief had benefited from “rigged” elections.

In an interview to The Hindu from London, she said Mr. Khan would carry out foreign policy, including with India, according to the wishes of the military if he becomes Prime Minister, as he is expected to do after his party won 115 of the 272 seats in the July 25 polls.

Rejecting calls

Rejecting calls to tone down her criticism of Mr. Khan, and unfavourable comparisons to his first wife Jemima Khan, who congratulated him on Twitter, Reham Khan said she refused to “justify the indefensible.”

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