The night is behind us: Hamid Nihal Ansari’s mother

The night is behind us: Hamid Nihal Ansari’s mother

Fauzia Ansari meets Sushma Swaraj with her son a day after he was repatriated by Pakistan.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj met Hamid Nehal Ansari, the Indian citizen who was repatriated by Pakistan, in her office on Wednesday. Mr. Ansari was accompanied by his mother, Fauzia Ansari, and others.

Ms. Ansari thanked Indian and Pakistani officials for the repatriation of her son.

‘Miralce, rebirth’

Speaking to The Hindu, she described the repatriation as a “miracle” and a “rebirth”. She observed that Mr. Ansari suffered an eye injury due to an assault on him in the prison. “He has swelling in the eye that we have to take care. He has to undergo rehabilitation and get back to his career. The dark night is behind us and a fine new morning has begun for him,” she said.

She thanked Pakistani citizens who were instrumental in ensuring the return of Mr. Ansari. “Help came from the Almighty. There are Pakistani people who were dedicated to ensure fairness and justice for Hamid. It’s as if he has just been born and a new life lies ahead,” she said.

Following the meeting, the Ministry spokesperson send out a message on social media that said: “Welcome home, son”. The return of Mr. Ansari ended the six-year case. Mr. Ansari had reportedly ventured into Pakistan after he befriended a woman from the northwest territory of Pakistan and had left for the meeting without acquiring a Pakistani visa. Subsequently, his mother, who is a renowned teacher in Mumbai, fought relentlessly alongside activists of Pakistan India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy to free him.

After being detained in 2012 by the Pakistani intelligence and military authorities, Mr. Ansari was finally given a three-year verdict in 2015 that he completed earlier this year.

Ever since the completion of his jail term, activists have been demanding Pakistan to repatriate him.

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