Conditions in Rohingya camps are disastrous, says UN official

Conditions in Rohingya camps are disastrous, says UN official

Warns of a humanitarian crisis ahead of cyclone season

A year since nearly a million Rohingya refugees poured into Bangladesh, the situation is yet to stabilize, and the impending cyclone season could spell disaster for the humanitarian effort, a senior United Nations official based in Cox’s Bazaar has warned.

“Even to the naked eye it is clear that we are not just on the brink of disaster, but the disaster is happening around us,” said Sumbul Rizvi, the senior humanitarian coordinator for the Rohingya Refugee Response, making an appeal for more international funding. This year’s UN joint response plan (JRP) has received only 34% of the funds needed, in contrast to about 85% last year, she said.

Flagging response

Amidst signs of the flagging global response to the crisis, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres addressed the Security Council on the situation on the ground this week, while a Human Rights Council report said the Myanmar military leadership should be investigated for “genocide” in the violence in August 2017.

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